About the company
Kat Kurkov of Auto Abstracts is an award winning automotive photographer specializing in capturing unique images of cars and their drivers. Whether on the concourse, weekly car show or race track, here are images that reflect power, grace and humor.

We will be traveling extensively this summer both to capture new images and to exhibit at art shows. Call us at (216) 926-4522, or like us on Face book for updates or to find out about special event race coverage at tracks like Mid-Ohio or vintage racing venues.

About the photographer
I have always been facinated by cars, first learning to read the makes and models, then driving my parents car with three-on-the-tree, to finally having a car I can take to the track. The inspiration for AutoAbstracts came one hot and humid afternoon when a friend asked me "What do you see in all this?" waving a hand at mass of sizzling chrome and paint. My answer is ongoing- these images are what I see in "all this".